Meet Dad, A Stand Up Guy

Once upon a time I was lost, frustrated, and had no idea what I was doing…nothing much has changed except that over the years, amazing people like my father have influenced and helped navigate my path. My Dad is a unique case, he says the right thing at the right time and I want to … [Read more…]

Having A Ruff Day? Do This…

Friday was going to be a big day. It was going to be my biggest sales day to date… I had it all set up and ready to go. Three eager customers were awaiting my call that day. Three customers that loved the product, had the money to invest, and all we needed to do … [Read more…]

A Story About Perseverance

I have just been introduced to an amazing sales professional named Grant Cardone. When I say introduced, I really mean, I found him on youtube πŸ™‚ Now, as informal as this introduction was, the guy knows his stuff and it definitely resonates with me. In one of his videos he mentions why people fail. This … [Read more…]

How to Become A “Black Belt” In Anything

Im starting a new journey for 2016. I recently took up Brazilian Jui Jitsu. To give you a little insight, it is known as the “Gentle Art.” The funny thing is, there is nothing gentle about it. Your whole goal is to choke out, dominate, submit and press the urgency upon your opponent to tap … [Read more…]

100% Full Proof Honest Way To Get Everything You Could Ever Want Out Of Your Relationships….With Anyone

What type of relationship do you want? Better yet, what type of relationship do you dream of having…with family, friends, lovers, and most importantly….yourself? Do you want to be respected by the people in your life? How about being appreciated for the countless things you do that constantly go unrecognized? Do you want to feel … [Read more…]